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The Paton wins at TT 2017

The Paton wins at TT 2017!

The “Tricolore” flag hadn’t waved for 14 years at the Tourist Trophy, on the Isle of Man, the most famous road race in the world.

It wasn’t one big motorcycle brand to end this situation, but an artisanal reality, born from the passion of two ex-mechanics of Mondial in Milan, Giuseppe Pattoni and Lino Tonti in 1958 – learn the story.

Paton motorbikes come back on the Isle of Man…

The Lightweight category race dedicated to 650 twins bikes takes place on the 7th of June on the Isle of Man. That year, Paton decided to officially show up exhibiting two respectable motorbikes and a respectable team composed by Stefano Bonetti, the fastest Italian rider on the Isle of Man, and the expert Michael “the blade” Rutter, who already won 4 TT and was already called Macau’s king.

Right from the start, the “Milanese” factory already impressed everybody with two beautiful and fast motorbikes and with a sound that left the paddock speechless; the bond between Paton and SC-Project is narrated by the deep sounds of the engines.

The two Italian bikes took the scenery for themselves, always earning first place during the race trial and the power of the bikes, shown in the previous weeks, was confirmed in the official competition. Rutter, the English rider, stood out and dominated every single rival that showed up. The only one who was able to keep up with the number 4 Paton, was Stefano Bonetti, the rider on Paton number 11. The Italian rider was in the second position at the end of the first lap, but during the second lap, the bike experienced a problem with the fuel pump. A delusional result for Paton and the racer from Sovere: the dream of two places conquered by the Paton brand was destroyed because of one of the few elements of the motorbike that wasn’t produced by the Paton brand.

In the meantime, Rutter finished the second lap and stopped for the pit stop. Jessop, the English rider, succeeded in overtaking Lintin, the champion of that time, in second place, Jessop got closer thanks to a fast refuelling and he earned 8 seconds more than Paton. Rutter, on the other hand, wants to win and he continues extraordinarily racing with his Paton, the engine (Kawasaki 650 cc derived from ER6N) is the same as the Jessop’s Kawasaki but the hard work of Italian motorists is almost touchable and, where it’s not the motor to make a difference, comes the cycling (the frame was entirely developed by SC-Project). Rutter held the distance from Jessop and increased the gap from him, closing the 4 laps of the race with the amazing time of 1:16’19’’324 on an average speed of 118.645 mph (over 190 km/h), a new category’s record.

…and they win!!!

At the fourth attempt, Paton succeeds in getting its target and winning TT, thanks to the fundamental contribution and the competencies of SC-Project (which works with the major Teams of Worldwide MotoGP Championship, Moto2, Moto3 and the World Superbike and Supersport).

Paton was recently bought by the Italian SC-Project company, a leader in the production of motorbikes exhaust systems.

Founders and owners of the SC-Project, Stefano Lavazza and Marco De Rossi, are both guided by their passion for motorcycling, the love for Milan and, for such an important brand, both decided to invest many resources in the Paton project, to bring it back to the fame it deserves.

Since October 2016, Paton works inside of the SC-Project industrial pole in Cassinetta di Lugagnano (MI), made up of more than 9’000 m² of advanced headquarters, splitted into productive areas and offices in which more than 50 people work. Right from the Paton department, come two models of S1-R Lightweight that shocked everyone at the Tourist Trophy.

The hard work of SC-Project in the racing world is important and universally recognised. This is shown by the collaboration between SC-Project and MotoGP and Moto2 with the best Worldwide Teams.

This one responsibility makes it possible for SC-Project to bring the made in Italy excellence to the entire world and let it win.