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TT 2023: double podium for Paton!

Michael Dunlop won race 1 on the Paton S1-R, followed in second place by Mike Browne.

Michael Dunlop Moto Paton S1-R TT 2023

TT 2023: double podium for Paton!

The 2023 Isle of Man TT delivered an electrifying start to the Supertwin Race 1, spotlighting the exceptional prowess of Moto Paton’s motorcycles in one of the most challenging road racing events in the world. Michael Dunlop, riding a Paton S1-R, secured his third victory in the Supertwin category, contributing to his impressive tally of 24 career TT wins. This win not only underscored Paton’s dominance, with the brand undefeated in this category since 2017, but also highlighted Dunlop’s formidable racing skills as he maintains an unmatchable pace, setting a new unofficial class record during practice sessions.

Paton’s engineering excellence was evident as their bikes, designed for agility and precision, handled the TT’s notorious Snaefell Mountain Course with ease. The race, held under favorable weather conditions, allowed riders like Dunlop to exploit their machines to the fullest—navigating long straights and intricate bends with remarkable agility. This race also saw significant performances from Mike Browne and Jamie Coward, who finished second and third respectively, ensuring a 1-2 finish for Paton and reinforcing the brand’s competitive edge.

Dunlop’s strategic mastery was apparent from the start as he led the field and, after a swift pit stop, extended his lead, culminating in a final lap that neared his record set in 2018. Meanwhile, Browne, a rising star in road racing, showcased his potential by narrowly edging out Coward, indicating a promising future in the sport.

The reliability and safety of Paton’s motorcycles were critical, given the TT’s difficulty, and were a testament to the brand’s commitment to both performance and rider safety. The 2023 Supertwin Race 1 not only highlighted Moto Paton’s ability to compete at the highest levels but also enhanced the brand’s legacy in the road racing community, marking it as a continuous frontrunner in motorcycle racing innovation and performance. Each appearance by Moto Paton at the TT adds to their storied participation, emphasizing their dedication to excellence in motorcycle racing.