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About us

Since 1958, racing motorbikes have been designed and produced in the factory of Paton. They are developed with experience, passion, and the really clear objective of giving the racer a competent and rideable bike, with a romantic aspect that only artisanal factories can transmit.

Paton, founded by Giuseppe Pattoni, has gained a primary role in competitions and worldwide Moto races thanks to the Pattoni family and great racers who accompanied the company during their careers like Mike Hailwood, Angelo Bergamonti, Roberto Gallina, Virginio Ferrari and Lucio Pedercini among others.

Attention to detail, made in Italy excellence and advanced technology are just some of the characteristics inside every Paton’s DNA, from racing versions of the bikes to street-homologated versions.

At the end of 2016, Paton was acquired by SC-Project, the company leader in the production of exhaust systems for motorbikes. The new company owners Stefano Lavazza and Marco De Rossi, together with the historical Team Paton, have started a new series of important investments to bring Paton back into the racing world.

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