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TT 2019: Paton, Queen of the Island!

For the third time in a row, Paton wins in the most demanding road race in the world!

Northern Ireland rider Michael Dunlop wins the Isle of Man Tourist Trophy for the second time on a Moto Paton, after a great battle for first place.

TT 2019: Paton, Queen of the Island!

Moto Paton SC-Project clinched its third consecutive victory in the fiercely competitive Lightweight category at the Isle of Man TT, following its previous triumphs in 2017 and 2018. This win marks a significant milestone as the 19th victory at the world-renowned event for the British racer Michael Dunlop  who managed to finish ahead of Coward, with a narrow margin of just 1.299 seconds, and Johnston, securing a momentous achievement in road racing.

This year’s race also celebrated the 50th victory for the legendary Dunlop family, a testament to their enduring legacy and dominance in motorcycle racing. The race itself was full of drama, not least because of the adverse weather conditions that played a significant role. Originally scheduled for four laps, the organizers were compelled to shorten the race to just two laps due to safety concerns precipitated by the inclement weather.

Amidst these challenging conditions, Stefano Bonetti showcased a commendable performance riding the other Paton SC-Project bike. He had a spectacular start, positioning himself within the top three racers for a significant portion of the race. However, his chances of a podium finish were hampered as the worsening weather impacted his race strategy and overall performance.

Bonetti’s ability to remain competitive under such testing circumstances was noteworthy and contributed to a respectable sixth-place finish. His initial burst and maintenance of a top position in the early stages were indicative of his skill and the capabilities of the Paton SC-Project bike in maintaining high performance under diverse conditions.

The race not only highlighted individual brilliance but also the collective achievements of teams and families in the motorsport community. Each participant’s effort at the Isle of Man TT adds to the rich history of this iconic event, reinforcing its status as a pinnacle of motorcycle racing. This year’s edition, with its historical wins, challenging weather, and the intense competition, once again proved why it remains one of the most celebrated and revered races in the world.

The arrival order of every Paton S1-R presented at the race, is another good example of the reliability of the Milanese project.

1st place Michael Dunlop Paton / Paton SC-Project Race Department 37’ 13’’ 161 – Average Speed 121.646 km/h

6th place Stefano Bonetti Paton / Paton SC-Project Race Department 37’ 50’’ 371 – Average Speed 119.653 km/h

10th place Horst Saiger Paton / Team ILR / Mark Coverdale 38’ 49’’ 385 – Average Speed 116.621 km/h

11th place James Chawke Paton / Mark Coverdale 39’ 03’’ 074 – Average Speed 115.940 km/h

12th place Ian Lougher Paton / Team ILR / Mark Coverdale 39’ 19’’ 577 – Average Speed 115.129 km/h

25th place Maria Costello Paton / Team Frog Property Developments Ltd 41’ 23’’ 664 – Average Speed 109.377 km/h