Since 1958 Paton factory produces race motorbikes mixing the exclusivity of craft production and technology that the Paton Reparto Corse has developed over the years thanks to full presence in the most important motorcycle racing in the World. Founded in Milan by Giuseppe Pattoni, the Paton brand since the beginning has played a primary role in the competitions and in the World Championship, gaining in prestige thanks to strong riders like Mike Hailwood, Virginio Ferrari, Lucio Pedercini and many others.
Exclusivity, excellence, craftsmanship, attention to detail, avant-garde technology are some of the characteristics of each motorbike that is produced in Paton factory, both by road motorbikes both competition motorbikes.

In 2017 the Paton Reparto Corse with the talented Italian rider Stefano Bonetti riding Paton S1 will be present at the start of the legendary Tourist Trophy Isle of Man TT island, look for victory in the most important road race of the World.

The same motorbike, the Paton S1, will be available for sale in approved homologated version for road use in a limited production, exclusive and excellence motorcycle, built by hand in the prestigious Italian brand factory in Milan. In addition, in the new Milan headquarters the Paton Reparto Corse is working on a fascinating and ambitious project: the development of a Moto2 prototype.

Moto2 challenge represents a return to Grand Prix Race in circuits all over the world, frequented from the beginning by the Paton Reparto Corse with passion and excellence that characterize the historical brand.