SC-Project, factory with the leadership in the manufacture of motor biker exhaust system – is strongly settled in the race world and this guarantees the final customer the highest performance without compromises. Sc-Project commitment in the race world is set in a world contest in the championships of highest level as MotoGP, SBK, Moto2 and Moto3 World Championship and in the most important motorbike Championships of the World. All championships are directly followed.
Top performances, reliability and the most advanced technology are the components which allow experience exchange between the R&D department (research and development) and the several World Championship teams, guaranteeing the final customer a top level product as regards performance, material quality and trim level. The experience and know how acquired in worldwide races together with several tests on test bench guarantee excellence both in race world and private world in the street.

Eni i-Ride:

AEM: Anonima Elaboratori Motociclette is strongly specialized in Ducati and MV Agusta accessories production

Break Service:

Capit: CAPIT produces its professional tire warmers since 1996 and thanks to the experience, research and test with the best world championship’s teams (cars and motorcycles) has come to be one market leader.

Gandini Race: Gandini Race is Nicola and Stefano Gandini brainchild idea, owners of specialized company for over 40 years in gear manufacturing. This two brothers passion for motorcycles and for the tracks, have charted the way to realize the project: producing and marketing mechanical components for racing bikes but not only. The continuous research and development of ever more advanced technologies to improve product quality and to meet the complex needs of the market, has made the company more and more dynamic and powerful. Gandini Gears is structure on 2,500 square meters surface, has a large fleet of last generation of a complete tool, which allows it to offer to its customers a production of small and medium quantities.

GBRacing: Working in close collaboration with race teams, we are developing the next generation of race products from initial concept, 3D design, prototyping, tooling and manufacturing right through to final testing. At the core of our product range lies the now famous secondary engine covers. These unique products enhance the bike’s appearance at the same time adding additional protection to the engine casings that are likely to come into contact with the ground. This not only greatly reduces the chance of leaking oil in the event of a crash, it also prevents the ingress of gravel and other contaminants that can cause expensive internal engine damage.

Metzeler: Metzeler is a German motorcycle tyre manufacturer focused on quality and performance. Our mission is to continuously develop products on the cutting edge of technology to meet the needs and expectations of motorcyclists’ needs. From the use of new materials and the development of innovative tread designs, to the introduction of advanced rubber compounds, the German brand is always at the forefront of technical development

Newfren: To be competitive nowadays involves more than just giving the market what it wants. These days, you must also pay particular attention to your relationship with the end-user. This requirement fits easily with our traditional belief that we must be receptive to requirements of the riders who use our products. This shows itself in our enthusiasm for developing new products, and our continuous program of testing both on the highway and off-road, for which we have enlisted the assistance of specialists taking part in competition at the highest international level. This has kept us on our toes, with a consequent steady improvement in our quality standards. Continuing investment in our Italian plant shows that Newfren intends to face up to the threat from competitors operating in low-cost economies to maintain its Italian traditions. As a result of this, Newfren S.p.A. is still a world leader in the motorcycle spares after-market.

OMP: is a leading company in the field of design and production of accessories for the Racing, Karting, Vintage, Tuning, Off Road and Sportswear sectors.

Founded in Genoa in 1973 , the company has grown over the years thanks to the success of its products. In addition to the production of roll bars and safety components for racecars, the company is especially known for its fireproof tracksuits worn by the highly decorated champions of Formula 1 and World Rally like Michael Shumacher, Gerard Berger, Ayrton Senna, Nigel Mansell, Tommy Makkinen, Juka Kankkunen, Carlos Sainz and Petter Solberg.

Sprint Filters: Established in 1952, started building air filters and intake systems, high-performance, even then highly innovative, working in collaboration with leading manufacturers of power and top teams. Since the early fifties the research and development of new fabrics filter and vacuum systems were the basis of the creation of our products.

Since 1995 we have been manufacturing cotton air filters for cars (over 1600 codes of car air filters). Since 2008 we have been manufacturing motorbikes air filters with a new patented polyester tissue. In 2009 we stopped the production of cotton air filters for motorbikes and we have started producing only the P08 polyester air filters only. Since 2013 we have been manufacturing a patented and revolutionary technology of waterproof air filters.

With the experience gained in over sixty years, years that ranks among the oldest companies of industry, we are able to meet every need, from simple filter sporty replacement for the original, entire extraction systems carbon fiber, fiberglass, and in various plastic materials, with filter elements ranging from common cotton gauze to patented calibrated polyester fabrics.

TBF Performance:

Valtermoto: Every single product is designed by a qualified team of engineers and handcrafted by artisans caring for every single detail.
We work with passion and commitment to offer the highest quality for the best performance under any circumstances, maintaining the elegance that has always characterized our brand and the “Made in Italy” design.  The soul of each item we produce comes from the aeronautic aluminum 7075 T6 alloy from which the components are billet made using latest generation CNC machinery.
Our signature on each product certifies our full commitment in dressing your bike and improving its performance at the top level. To reach these standards we partnered along the years with the riders of the top National and World Championships, and their work helps us to improve our products and develop new and innovative solutions. We are proud to have contributed with our components to their victories, we feel them a little bit ours also.®: in Italia una tradizione di passione ed eccellenza per le decorazioni di veicoli e personalizzazione con questa tecnica di quasi qualunque oggetto. Tramite speciali pellicole adesive dall’alta durabilita’ e dall’eccezionale impatto visivo,® risponde a qualsiasi esigenza di colore e stile si renda necessaria per la propria vettura, veicolo aziendale e privato o per il design personalizzato in genere.